“While My Father Sleeps” is a cathartic celebration of resilience and the will to a continued existence after trauma.

Image: While My Father Sleeps | Oh, Rose (bandcamp.com)

Olivia Rose wants to make one thing clear — While My Father Sleeps is not a record about grief. Released two years after the death of front person Rose’s mother, the album is named for the book Rose’s mother wrote during her lifetime but never published. It is in many ways a continuation of that project for Rose, as the band writes on Bandcamp, “It is Rose’s life story, told under the banner of a story her mother was never able to finish.” It is as much a project of excavation, then, as it is one of self-revelation, a way…

Throughout “Karma For Cheap,” Aaron Lee Tasjan bridges the gap between light and darkness in discovery of the blissful space where both elements coexist.

Image: Karma For Cheap | Aaron Lee Tasjan (bandcamp.com)

Karma For Cheap might be Aaron Lee Tasjan’s most enlightened album yet. Though thematically similar to his 2016 album release, Silver Tears, touching on infamously rock and roll topics like death and selling out, Karma For Cheap offers more confidence, wisdom, and blaring psychedelic fuzz than its predecessor.

While Silver Tears reaches for the sky, many of the songs on Karma For Cheap seem to come from the heavens, transporting Tasjan from his jangly Nashville sound to one that is both timeless and placeless. Tasjan sings of our intuitive spiritual knowledge, existential aloneness, and the need to live authentic lives…

On the band’s 2019 “The Center Won’t Hold,” Sleater-Kinney shows no intention of looking back, but they refuse to leave the past without first honoring what’s been left behind.

Image: By Raph_PH via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

It’s a different world now for Sleater-Kinney than it was when the trio began recording in Corin Tucker’s Portland basement in 1996. Utterly restless and brazenly unpolished, the band played musty punk-rock clubs and record stores, frequenting the same venues as other iconic riot grrl acts like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. The band would take their deliberately dissonant sound and transform it into what we now love about Sleater-Kinney — Corin Tucker’s characteristic wail, Carrie Brownstein’s screams and riotous guitar riffs that make every record unfurl into delightful chaos, Janet Weiss’ relentlessly powerful drumming.

Now, with their forthcoming record, The…

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